Tri-Can Contract Inc. | Commercial Services
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Commercial Services

Quality. Integrity. Trust.
Horizontal Integration

Renovating is a big endeavour  involving a number of different elements; logistics, materials, sub-contractors, all of which must be coordinated to realize success. Our horizontally integrated facility, housing our Project Managers, Purchasing Agents, Operations Managers and Trades all under one roof allows Tri-Can to alleviate much of the stress of a refurbishment. Committed to quality, the Project Managers in our Commercial division specialize in flooring and hard surface supply and installation.

While our reach is broad, managing installations from Vancouver to New Brunswick, and even  in the Arctic, our scope is very specific; hard, soft or resilient flooring and all forms of tile installation. Our customers cross the gamut of Industry; from Education, Hospitality, Healthcare, Long Term Care, Laboratory Facilities, Boards of Education, Government, Landlord, Property Management, Industrial and all forms of Professional clients.

Regardless of the size of the project, we are regularly on site and in constant communication with clients to guide them through the process, ensuring disruptions for tenants or owners are minimized. We are fully accountable to our customers at each step of the project, from the initial Request For Pricing, to the final Deficiency Walkthrough and follow up service.

Benchmark: a standard of excellence or achievement, against which similar things must be measured or judged.


Tri-Can is a benchmarking firm in the industry as a result of putting dedication and passion into every facet of our work. Known for being honest and direct about materials and projects, we only put our name to renovations that meet our high standards.

Commercial Services


Tri-Can partners with our clients to go beyond simply installing flooring. We facilitate and streamline projects; minimizing the disruption to each facility. We can offer our professional guidance on material options and help to make decisions that fit within the scope of their project.


Tri-Can is an Approved Flooring Contractor (AFC) with over three decades experience in every type of flooring available. Our tradespeople are held to exacting standards and undergo continuous training and certification in the latest methods and products to ensure high quality results for every installation.


Some of our supplier relationships date back over thirty years. We’ve built an immense network that has given us access to an extensive selection of products and materials for all types of applications. Our partnerships place us at the forefront of new technologies, often spearheading the use of new products and techniques.


Our Team works out of our office, showroom and studio space in Markham, Ontario. With over 25,000 square feet of warehouse space Tri-Can has the capacity to order, ship, store and deliver the widest range of materials in the marketplace today. With all of our resources under one roof, we are dependable from start to finish.